Opera in Concert

Type d'entreprise: Maison d'opéra
Lieu: Toronto
Téléphone: 416-922-2147
Adresse courriel: admin@operainconcert.com
Personne à contacter: Yuki Azuma
Billetterie: www.stlc.com
Nombre de places: 450

VOICEBOX: Opera in Concert

explores the singing voice in its

purest form — stripped of sets,

costumes and accoutrements.

Our company offers a new way

of experiencing opera, one that

unleashes the expressive power of

music. We are experimental, raw

and one-of-a-kind.

We showcase a repertoire of rarely

seen operatic works that resonate

with present day audiences and

provide a platform for emerging

Canadian talent. Our performances

are for music lovers who want to

expand their horizons.

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