WHY Operaop?

Until now, no convenient, user-friendly system for organizing career information has been available for opera singers. It is difficult for singers to ensure that their materials are current and easily available to opera companies and concert organizers.

Opera Opportunity aims to make singers’ information including curricula vitae, biographies, current repertoire lists, photos, audio and video recordings, letters of recommendation consistently and readily available to employers, labour unions, festivals, competitions, auditions, social networks and websites.

In addition to the difficulties of maintaining and disseminating current information online, it is difficult for singers to conform to the individual application requirements of each opportunity. Opera Opportunity aims to streamline application processes and contract negotiations by standardizing application and contract formats. Standardized applications and contracts will increase efficiency greatly for both artists and companies.

What do we offer?

Opera Opportunity is a new enterprise launched in June 2013, which features a sophisticated search engine designed for the needs of both aspiring artists and their potential employers. The website is multilingual and it is currently available in English, French, German and Italian. Opera Opportunity was founded with the specific goals of simplifying major challenges presently facing the opera community including:

1. The difficulty for young artists to notify potential employers and the larger opera community of their talent, achievements, and availability. (Database available through Opera Opportunity)

2. The need for young and less well-established artists to have independent websites where they can inexpensively showcase their abilities. (Available through Opera Opportunity)

3. The difficulty for artistic organizations (e.g. choral societies, opera companies of all sizes, regional symphony orchestras, etc.) to easily access information on suitable artists, both local and international, for their available roles.

What is so NEW about

The RoleMatch search available with our memberships, permits interested parties (e.g. companies, employers, or artists seeking a partner or replacement) to find a singer in a given location, with a precise voice type and/or who recently sang a certain role.

Multilingual database concept helps singers reach a larger audience without overloading the display with information. Our aim is for any information on our site to be presented to users in the appropriate language.

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