Academie de la Roche D'Hys / Orfeo Foundation

Company type: YAP/Academy/Opera Studio
Location: Massingy-lès-Vitteaux, Bourgogne, France
Phone: +33 (0)380 33 94 42
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Contact Person: Jeannette Aster/Hans Nieuwenhuis

In 2015 L’Academie de la Roche D’Hys is offering

3 distinct programmes for classical singers and repetiteurs


from 14 to 28 June 2015 ,a full 2 week intensive workshop

Open to all levels – work at your own pace.

Individual study programmes created to the specific needs of each participant.

• 50 hours of individual work with musical, vocal and dramatic coaches

• Preparation of arias, melodies and lieder, ensemble work, role study

• Daily physical warmup “Tuning the body”, emphasis on physical expression , breathing.

• Group Masterclasses

• Public concerts

• Limited to 12 participants

International Faculty plus visiting guest specialists in Italian, German and French repertoire, career counselling, performance techniques

Application deadline is February 28, 2015

For more information please visit our website: - in under Programs / Music follow the signs for "Atelier Lyrique" and then "How to apply"



Two programmes offered in 2015



in collaboration with the ORFEO FOUNDATION, Netherlands

from July 31 to August 10 2015

For singers at the beginning if their professional singing career, recent graduates of University or Conservatory opera departments, or Young Artist programmes , laureates of international singing competitions ages 22 - 30

Candidates are selected by audition/ interview only

An unique program dedicated to building professional connections in preparation for the European Audition experience

40 hours of intensive individual and group work with coaches, stage directors, conductors, and other specialized consultants.

• Preparation for auditions and competitions

• Seminars with artist managers, impresarios, casting directors both European and American

• Preparation of professional marketing material

• Recording an audition CD/DVD

• Public Concerts in France and in Holland

• Limited to 8 singers per session

**Post workshop support: Continued mentorship throughout audition tours, and further professional opportunities .

For more information, please visit our website:

click on Programs / Music click on "Professional Opera Program" and then "How to apply"


from August 12 to August 22, 2015

For more experienced singers in early or mid-career, late bloomers, in the midst of changing fachs

A unique program dedicated to helping singers deal with defining career objectives and direction on the international opera scene.

Candidates are selected by audition and interview only.

40 hours intensive individual work and group sessions with coaches, stage directors, conductors, career counsellors and other theater consultants.

• Preparation for auditions

• Complete Role Preparation

• Seminars with agents and impresarios, European and North American

• Preparation of professional marketing materials

• Recording an audition CD/DVD

• Public Concerts

• Limited to 8 per session singers

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